December Bulletin

  • 01 Dec 2015 15:56

UK and Ireland Civil Unrest and Activism Bulletin


The monthly Activism Bulletin provides a concise overview of forthcoming activism and protest events, brief analysis of significant developments and a preview of planned protests, which could disrupt business.

UK Activist Summary

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On 29 November, some 50,000 people marched through central London to
oppose climate change and to demand the UK government does more to
tackle the issue. Demonstrators rallied at Park Lane before marching through
London, past Trafalgar Square, Downing Street and Parliament before assembling
at Millbank, where a number of speeches were held. Organisers
claim it was the largest single action to oppose climate change ever held in
the UK.

The action came a day before the COP21 climate change summit in Paris,
which runs from 30 November until 11 December, with world leaders discussing
the issues of climate change and possible actions to lower carbon
emissions. The London march was one of several held in the UK on 29 November,
with rallies in Edinburgh, Bristol and Belfast. Some 2,500 actions
were held globally.

It is anticipated that a further rally, albeit with less support, will be held in
London on 12 December after the COP21 summit has concluded. The action
will demand the UK government and other world leaders commit to tackling
climate change and implement action. It is expected that attendance for the
rally will still be significant, particularly as planned mass protests in Paris
have been cancelled due to security concerns following the 13 November
terrorist attacks.

As such, those campaigners who were planning to travel to Paris to protest
could remain in London, swelling numbers at the demonstration. While there
is a low risk of unrest, a significant attendance on 12 December could cause
disruption around Old Palace Yard, the site of the rally, and Westminster.

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