Conflict of Interest Fraud

  • 12 Nov 2015 04:37

Conflict of Interest Fraud



An US multinational manufacturing company suspected their Senior Manager, also the Legal Representative, was colluding with former colleagues and a long term supplier to defraud the business of new product opportunities and their customer base. Following attempts to rectify the issues a decision was made to formally remove the Manager from his post. 

The Issues:

The Legal Representative is an extremely power legal post within a company – in this case all of the Company ‘Chops’ (legal contracting stamping authority) were held by the individual.

The Manager had attempted to turn the local workforce against their MNC employers
Sensitive Company information could be released without control during a formal removal

Our Approach:

Working as part of the Client multi-function team (Legal HR, Operations and Management) we utilized our market and operational experience to guide the US based functions in current local circumstances, labour practices as well as and advising on the risk profile for the activity.
H&A secured the premises, escorted the Senior US Representatives on site and contained the potential of workplace violence. In additional, we were able to gain access to and control the Company Chops as well as providing Computer Forensics analysis of laptop computers.