15-16 January Ouagadougou Attacks

  • 20 Jan 2016 14:16

Burkina Faso: Following the Bamako hotel attack in November 2015, the Risk Analysis team warned of the likelihood of similar attacks in the region.


Bamako attack highlights vulnerability of regional hotels

"The  incident [20 November attack on the Radisson Blu hotel in Bamako] highlights the vulnerability of foreign travellers in hotels, even with security provision, in areas on the periphery of terrorist territories.

Hotels popular with foreigners are likely to remain a prime target for militants, despite an anticipated increased security stature in the wake of the Radisson Blu attack, as smuggling and militant networks continue to permeate and destabilise the Sahel region.

Radisson Blu has a strong security stature with armed guards and controlled access, but the militants were still able to penetrate the building. As a result of the attack, other hotels in Mali and other areas on the periphery of conflict zones and terrorist operational areas are likely to increase their security posture, while companies should consider additional training for all staff deployed overseas, especially to countries with a history of targeted attacks on foreigners."

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