Global Forecast Q4

  • 31 Oct 2015 04:40

The report focuses on the key thematic threats that we believe will impact the regions over the coming three months, providing insight by subject matter experts into the most pertinent risks and threats on a regional basis.


Key themes addressed in the Q4 forecast include;
• The global threat of militancy, as Islamic State (IS) continues to draw recruits and allegiances from among established militant groups in the Middle East, Africa and Asia.
• The ongoing conflict in the Middle East and the challenges posed by governance in some African nations are displacing thousands of people, triggering one of the greatest movements of people into Europe for decades.
• Political accountability continues to play a role in change and is increasingly a key trigger of unrest. Several Latin American and Asian countries are witnessing a surge in protests and demands for resignations from political office over allegations of corruption and incompetence, and frustration at a lack of services. 
• Among a range of other key themes, we note that while the threat posed by the West Africa Ebola outbreak has waned, outbreaks of other diseases, including Dengue fever, MERS and cholera, highlight the growing need for addressing public health deficiencies in an ever increasingly connected world.