New Statesman Event

  • 05 Feb 2016 10:29

On 25 January, G4S sponsored a public event on Syria organised and chaired by the New Statesman entitled "the Syrian crisis: impacts and challenges".

NS Event

The cross-party panel, who included Lord Ashdown, Lord Falconer, Johnny Mercer MP and Dr Karin von Hippel, provided an insightful opportunity to discuss the ongoing crisis in Syria, examine the UK’s role in the conflict, and analyse the effect it is having in the conflict zone and in western society. The event was introduced by Angélique Lecorps, Senior Consultant and specialist on Islamic State and the Middle East. 

This dynamic discussion seeked to highlight what the government can and should be doing to encourage peace and democracy in Syria. In particular, the event analysed the breadth of issues associated with this conflict such as what the UK can do to help refugees fleeing the crisis and support them in the region, the conflict's effects on radicalisation in our society and what can be done both politically and militarily to accompany the air strikes recently voted upon by Parliament, in an attempt to halt the progression of the so called Islamic State.