Security Risks to the Shipping Industry

  • 09 Jan 2016 14:42

Ian Betts, Global Head of Risk Analysis at G4S Risk Consulting, recently spoke at the Shipping HK Forum in Shanghai


Speaking at a recent forum in Shanghai, China on the shipping industry, Ian Betts presented a series of slides aimed at identifying the risks that the shipping industry should be aware of in the coming years. The slides opened with a brief focus on G4S, and G4S Port Security Solutions in particular. An early slide illustrated how the G4S Port Security Solutions model understands the risks to which our shipping clients are exposed, their business drivers and our delivery model. 

The overview of risks to ports and shipping indicated the growing diversity of security threats faced by the shipping industry, and a complex and challenging compliance environment.

In his comments, Ian discussed a common industry perception of security, namely that responses are often minimal or based on the view that “it won’t happen to me”. A series of images served to illustrate the results of poor compliance standards.