Alert issued ahead 2016 UEFA European Championship

  • 10 Jun 2016 12:27




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The Global Intelligence System (GIS) has issued a travel alert to coincide with the start of the 2016 UEFA European Championship due to the heavy security environment and anticipated delays ahead of fixtures, with the first match between France and Romania beginning at 2000hrs local time at the Stade de France in Paris.

A huge security operation is in place, involving more than 100,000 security personnel, including 42,000 police officers and 10,000 soldiers due to the ongoing significant concerns over terrorism. There are genuine concerns over single-active shooters or a Marauding Terrorism Firearms Attack (MTFA) similar to the Paris attacks in November 2015. The UK government has warned there is a high threat from terrorism, which mirrors a similar warning from the US State Department.

While the extremely high security profile, which will include heavy physical measures, search regimes at stadiums and fan zones, and a “ring of steel” approach, will mitigate the risk of a terrorist attack, disruption and delays are highly likely. Attendees should be aware of the high potential for lengthy delays at fan zones and stadiums as search regimes are carried out. Attendees should also remain highly vigilant during the tournament, particularly in the event of a terrorist or security alert. 

Further information regarding remaining secure during the tournament can be found at by clicking here to download our report.