Global Forecast - Q2

  • 31 Oct 2015 04:31

The Risk Analysis team at G4S Risk Consulting presents the Global Forecast 2015 – Q2, our assessment of the key global security trends for the second quarter of the year.


With insights from our analysts, consultants and regional experts, we hope that the Global Forecast continues to inform your perception of risk. 

Key issues include 

  • the global threat of militancy as Islamic State (IS) continues to draw recruits and allegiances from established militant groups in the Middle East, Africa and Asia. The perceived threat encompasses the wider world as nations remain concerned over the threat posed by returning fighters and self-radicalised individuals. An attack similar to the Paris and Denmark attacks in Q1 is highly likely in Q2.
  • Corruption remains a key threat to political stability. Authorities in the Asia-Pacific will continue to make strides in strengthening anti-corruption drives, with a particular focus on pervasive practices in China and Indonesia. In the Americas, many incumbent governments are facing a wave of popular discontent over high-level corruption and impunity in the security forces. The damage to leaders’ integrity due to embroilment in corruption scandals threatens to stall proposed reforms, exacerbating stagnating economies. 
  • Meanwhile, in Ukraine, anti-corruption measures remain a central focus of the new government, but remain hampered by perceived impunity as former regime members go unpunished.

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