Greece Impact of Grexit

  • 07 Nov 2015 04:35

Greece: Impact of Grexit produced by the G4S Risk Analysis team.


Last-minute talks between Greece and the EU and the IMF appear to be stalling after initial optimism on 22 June over the much-needed bailout tranche of USD 8 billion. Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras was summoned to Brussels on 24 June to negotiate key issues including pension reform and increased taxation, however, the talks currently appear to have reached stalemate. While it is still likely that an agreement will be reached before the 30 June deadline, the situation appears much more fragile than in recent days. As such, there is the risk that Greece could default on 30 June, pushing it closer towards a Grexit. G4S Risk Consulting examines the security risks of a Grexit,  as well as the concerns for Greece and the EU in the event a deal is reached.

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