Global Forecast Q2

  • 01 Apr 2016 11:41

The Risk Analysis team at G4S Risk Consulting presents the Global Forecast 2016 - Q2, our assessment of the key global security trends for the second quarter of the year.


With insights from our analyst, consultants and regional experts, we hope that the Global Forecast continue to inform your perception of risk.

Developments covered in our Global Forecast 2016 Q2, include:
  • Sport-related terrorism and threat from Islamist-influenced militancy in Europe
  • Civil societies combining with judiciaries to hold governments to account in Africa and South America
  • Challenges ahead for political and economic reform in Asia, primarily due to corruption and institutional weakness
  • Risk of unrest in Central America during election campaigns
  • Turbulence looming in Russia's near-abroad, with governments nervous about Moscow's next expedition
  • Low commodity prices constrain growth across the regions, but helps moves to diversify
  • Uncertainty and crisis clouding economic outlook in Europe
  • Bangladesh central bank hack highlights cyber security risks for major financial institutions

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