Global Forecast Q4

  • 29 Sep 2016 15:57

The Intelligence & Advisory Services (IAS) team at G4S Risk Consulting presents the Global Forecast 2016 - Q4, our assessment of the key global security trends for the fourth quarter of the year.


“Once again in collaboration with Roubini Global Economics, we trace the key security and economic developments region by region that are likely to impact operating environments in Q4 to help clients and colleagues prepare for the threats ahead”.

“With a readership now including many of the world’s largest companies and organisations, this holistic global risk outlook is a testament to the strong analytical capabilities both G4S Risk Consulting and Roubini are able to offer our clients”.

“Faraz Nasir, Head of Intelligence & Advisory Services at G4S Risk Consulting Ltd.

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Key developments covered in our Global Forecast 2016 Q4 include:
  • The ongoing threat of terrorism in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, and Asia and the                  likelihood of further unsophisticated attacks
  • Political uncertainty across Europe, North America and Africa and the potential for unrest from social        tensions
  • Regional security concerns in Asia and the Middle East and North Africa
  • Aviation security threats and developments, including airport perimeter security and drones
  • The modest growth of the global economy as the Eurozone wanes, the US cools following a strong          Q3 and Chinese fiscal impulses fade
  • A pickup in demand among commodity-rich countries in South America and Russia driving modest            growth in emerging markets

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