Intelligence and Advisory Services

We provide meaningful intelligence which enables customers to respond quickly and confidently to situations, threats and opportunities

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Our intelligence analysts are regional experts and regularly spend time on the ground liaising with our G4S in country teams. This approach provides our clients with ‘real truth’ reporting. We have a truly global reach with expert local knowledge, which enables us to offer our clients valuable insight and intelligence essential for their business operations.

We pride ourselves on having a wealth of expertise and experience amongst our analysts, many of whom are secondary trained in security and risk management qualifications. Ensuring our team develop knowledge beyond their academic resume, helps them to understand the risks that are relevant to our clients business.

We offer the following risk advisory services to our clients:

Global Intelligence System (GIS)

GIS is an online monitoring system providing geopolitical intelligence on current and future threats to corporate security, travel and business continuity. Each subscription is tailored to the user’s exact requirements, enabling the user to save time by providing information on what is most relevant to their industry and areas of operation.

Bespoke Reporting

We are able to provide our clients with in depth analysis from specific location risk reports and country analysis to market entry advisory reports. 

Civil and Activism Unrest - Reporting Services

We produce periodic ad-hoc reports on an basis focusing on current sector- and threat-related issues within Europe. Areas of focus include activism and protest activity, European radicalisation, terrorism, far-right extremism, and crime. 

Travel Risk Advisories

Using our expertise in country threat assessments, coupled with our unique ground truth capability, we provide a full threat assessment across a number of destinations. We also provide a suite of support services including travel tracking and risk mitigation training. 

Corporate Intelligence

We provide strategic level advice to decision-makers and assistance to companies with new market entry and stakeholder engagement. The service includes a range of products including business intelligence and political and regulatory analysis.