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Exposure to political and business risks pose challenges for investment and operational security globally, particularly in the emerging, volatile and frontier markets. Understanding these risks through intelligence analysis, advisory and insight can mark the difference between success and safety, financial or reputational loss. 
G4S Risk Consulting fuses open source information with the insights drawn from our extensive global footprint and on-the-ground networks in more than 90 countries to provide incisive foresight and informed strategic advice to companies, governments and individuals working in these challenging, unfamiliar or opaque markets. 
Our approach is based on committed partnership with our clients.  We work collaboratively to understand the objectives and challenges our clients face so that we can build a comprehensive intelligence picture to answer not just the ‘why’ and ‘how’ but the ‘so what’, the ‘what next’ and the ‘what if’.   

our team

Our trained open source intelligence analysts are regional and thematic experts and regularly spend time on the ground working with our G4S country teams and supporting project delivery. This ensures our clients receive the very highest level of support and access to the best available information and analysis. 
Central to our confidence in meeting the objectives and quality expectations of our clients is the level of access we offer to our analyst team. This enables our team to comprehensively understand the challenges our clients face and develop appropriate responses. 

our solutions

From standalone products to comprehensive programmes of support, our clients value our practical, relevant and sustainable intelligence and advisory solutions:

Embedded Analysts
Designed to enhance the workflows and evolving needs of security professionals, we second analysts to our clients to provide dedicated and highly flexible analytical support services. Our embedded analysts provide niche capabilities and subject matter expertise helping our clients drive operational effectiveness in their newly created or existing intelligence and analysis functions.

Bespoke Reporting and Monitoring
Our forward-looking risk and threat assessments support clients achieve organisational resilience, often in fast moving situations. Underpinned by robust methodologies, we support clients across a range of sectors from oil and gas and finance to sports and technology. We provide decision support to guide the client on when and how to avoid, reduce, retain, or transfer risk.

Global Intelligence System (GIS)
GIS is an online monitoring system providing geopolitical intelligence on current and future threats to corporate security, travel and business continuity. Each subscription is tailored to the user’s exact requirements, saving the user time by providing information on what is most relevant to their industry and areas of operation.
GIS is also available as an API data feed for clients who wish to use or display the information and analysis in their own systems. 

Non-financial Due Diligence
We support clients to achieve advantage in opaque and challenging markets by providing the data, analysis and insight necessary to make informed decisions. Our approach fuses accurate, contextualised and timely information with country-specific expertise of the world's largest security provider to provide background, reputation, commercial interests and track record, corporate governance record, and business integrity investigations.

Thought Leadership
We offer valuable insights on the opportunities and challenges our clients face drawing on our expertise and experience from operating in more than 90 countries around the world.