Major Event Security

From bid preparation through to the live action, we help our customers succeed by providing expert advice, counsel and decision support to enable them to mitigate their risk


Security does not happen by itself: it is a result of innovation, flawless preparation and execution.

By partnering with G4S Risk Consulting, senior decision makers will be supported by a recognised leader in premium risk security services, providing unique access to international best practice and incorporating our broad experience in securing sporting events globally.  For more than 10 years our consultants have provided support to international governing bodies, competition organisers and sporting teams worldwide as they deliver successful events securely.

We support you to deliver successful events by managing security risks, including to your operations, customer service, people and assets.  We do this by identifying risks, understanding the harm they may cause and then building resilience to them.

Ultimately our goal is your goal, to provide a safe and enjoyable experience at Major Events.