Conflict Stability and Security Framework

G4S selected to British Government's Conflict, Stability and Security Fund Framework


G4S Risk Consulting is delighted to have been selected as a supplier on the British Government’s (HMG) Conflict, Stability and Security Fund (CSSF) Framework

The CSSF replaces the Conflict Pool and draws together new and existing resources from across Government, overseen by the National Security Council (NSC). The Framework is part of a new, more strategic approach to work in conflict-affected states where the United Kingdom has key interests. 

G4S has won a place on two of three Thematic Lots:  governance security and justice (Lot A) and defence services (Lot C).  These Lots cover the following key areas:  

Lot A: Governance, Security and Justice
  • Understanding and Strengthening inclusive politics, political processes and accountability in Fragile and          Conflict-Affected States (FCAS)
  • Public Sector Reform & Public Financial Management
  • Security sector reform & Security Sector capacity building in FCAS
  • Justice sector reform and Rule of Law in FCAS

Lot C: Defence Support Services
  • Defence Advice
  • Defence and military exercises and training
  • Provision of non-lethal equipment
  • Defence services
The CSSF will include (but not be limited to) the provision of services in countries which present similar security challenges to working in a hostile environment, and which require comparable levels of training and expertise. Typically these will be short, targeted interventions aimed at supporting stability and may require supporting a rapid crisis response by HMG.

As a key supplier, G4S will provide high quality, cost-effective and professional technical consultancy services. G4S is therefore seeking to identify suitably qualified and experienced individuals and organisations to work with us on the CSSF. These personnel will have professional skills relevant to the Lots and recent experience of working with HMG, other major international or national organisations, host governments and local stakeholders to deliver results in FCAS. If you are interested in joining our database of partners, please contact us at