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Peter Brown Csyp cpp, Senior Risk Consultant

Senior Consultant Peter Brown enables decision makers to build risk commensurate and resilient security solutions. He has led G4S projects to secure sporting and other major events since 2003, most recently supporting major sponsors during UEFA Super Cup 2016, the Champions League Final 2016 and the Europa League Final 2016. He has also delivered consulting services to help protect successive Wimbledon finals, British Grands Prix, Royal Ascot and the UK Conservative and Labour party annual conferences. Peter supports customers in other operating sectors worldwide including the extractive industries, finance & professional services, media & communications, and transport & logistics. He applies his global and multi sector perspective to identify and implement security best practice for major events.

Before entering the Security Industry Peter had a distinguished 25-year career in the British armed forces including 18 years’ service with UK Special Forces with a responsibility for counter terrorist operations. He is a member of the Register of Chartered Security Professionals (CsyP) and holds a number of professional qualifications including that of Certified Protection Professional (CPP) of the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS).

Major Event Experience: 
Rugby World Cup 2015 - Peter directed an experienced team of G4S consultants as they conducted security vulnerability assessments at 13 competition venues and 41 team bases. Peter recommended enhancements to security and formulated security plans and Standard Operating Procedures. His work was not limited to securing venues only; he supported local authorities in developing welcoming but secure non-ticket event live sites in public spaces. 

2012 Olympic Games - Peter’s support to London 2012 began in 2005 as London sought to win the right to host the Games. His independent and impartial assessment of the London 2012 bid prior to the International Olympic Committee’s visit to London in 2005 was used to demonstrate the additional lengths the L2012 bid team had taken to ensure resilience. In 2008-2009, Peter was instrumental in designing the successful solution to secure the Olympic Park Construction Site (OPCS). Peter was also a driving force behind the concept and implementation of the Operational Support Team, which was widely acknowledged as a successful enhancement to the guard force operation. From April 2009, Pete delivered a series of monthly risk and threat assessments to CLM and the ODA. From 2010 he scoped and implemented bespoke, risk-based security solutions for the Olympic Park venues and the Stratford City Development Lifeline Project. 

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Marc finch mbe ma, head of security risk management emea

Marc Finch leads the Security Risk Management team and supports customers operating worldwide in the extractive industries, finance & professional services, media & communications, transport & logistics and sports & leisure. A former Royal Engineer officer in the British Army, he spent 15 years in the Explosive Ordnance Disposal, Counter Terrorist Search and Counter CBRN operational world supporting military, civil police and security services within the UK and abroad. His former work includes command of the joint military and police National Search Centre and working closely with international security services to develop IED exploitation capabilities.  His skills extend beyond just these specialist areas to include operational risk appraisal, crisis management, contingency planning expertise and security project and programme management.

An experienced operator and project manager, Marc has extensive major events operational experience supporting sporting events such as the Aintree Grand National steeplechase and the 2015 Rugby World Cup as well as key political occasions including the annual Conservative and Labour party conferences in the UK.  Marc draws on his operational experience, combined with an intuitive understanding of the current threat landscape to develop a close and trusted working relationship with clients in the provision of security consultancy services.  Marc is at the forefront of developing cutting edge security solutions of increasing relevance to protecting major events including:

Counter UAV
Marc is leading research within G4S to counter the threat to UK prisons from Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV, or drones). Working collaboratively with government, scientific research, police and industry stakeholders, he is evaluating the most appropriate combination of technological and procedural capability to provide a timely, reliable, robust but affordable solution to this rapidly evolving threat. Techniques and the principles underpinning contingency plans already developed are readily transferable into the Major Events space.

Blast and CBRN Dispersion Modelling
Through the combination of computational fluid dynamics with the latest statistical and analytical software modelling tools, G4S Risk Consulting is able to analyse malicious and accidental blast effects, and provide a quantitative assessment of the resulting human and structural vulnerabilities to a venue and /or location.  Similar computational software can now enable the dispersion modelling over time of chemical, biological and radiological particles around, within and between environments. Through Marc’s lead, G4S Risk Consulting is able to model and predict the most likely outcomes of either accidental or intentional releases to an event in advance of the day in order to identify, quantify and plan for the mitigation, where required, of such risks.


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