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Paul tombes, Independent risk consultant

Paul Tombes is a respected security risk consultant specialising in mitigating and managing the risk posed by firearms to major events. His extensive operational experience has provided him insight on preventing gun attacks and other terrorist tactics. Prior to becoming a consultant, Paul enjoyed a 35 year career with the British police and military. He served with the Metropolitan Police’s Specialist Crime and Operations Specialist Firearms Command (SC&O19) and prior to this in the Parachute Regiment. Recent operational experience has provided Paul with the knowledge and insight into the threat landscape and best practice counter terrorism measures for major events and other crowded place scenarios.

Major Event Experience:
2012 Olympic Games - Paul led a small team of specialist officers tasked to plan for specialist firearms responses to critical incidents at all Olympic venues in the UK. These included all sporting arenas, training venues and Olympic social venues. It ranged from football at Hampden Park, the Olympic Sailing village in Weymouth to the main events held within stadiums at the Olympic Park. Paul was responsible for contingency planning including for hostage release, responses to an active shooter or a deadly and determined terrorist attack. He also determined appropriate equipment needed to secure the sites, which was shared with various other national partner law enforcement and security agencies.

In the months preceding the Games, as venues were nearing completion he conducted physical security perimeter and penetration testing.  This ranged from screening individuals to physical security at various premises including the football stadiums in Coventry and Newcastle and the shooting arenas in Woolwich.

Paul was deployed operationally as team leader throughout the Games (and Paralympic Games) and was part of a covert embedded firearms team situated in the athletes’ village. His team provided a covert and potentially overt specialist firearms response to the athletes and the venues of the Olympic Park itself. He was part of the covert security team providing protection to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II during the opening and closing ceremonies. 

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christopher dick, independent risk consultant 

Christopher Dick is a former Scotland Yard Special Branch officer who served for 30 years. Experienced in surveillance, investigations and intelligence he specialised in the protection of VIPs. Christopher spent a number of years as a team leader for the protection of the UK Prime Minister overseeing security arrangements for the day-to-day diary, political conferences, nationwide visits, overseas travel as well as private family holidays. Christopher also protected Cabinet Ministers, Ambassadors, overseas dignitaries as well as serving Presidents. He deployed extensively overseas ensuring that high-profile individuals had effective security worldwide. He also deployed without diplomatic immunity to hostile environments including Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq as well as widely throughout Africa, Asia, America and the Middle East.

Christopher has broad experience in developing teams and strategies to implement agreed policy. An area of specific expertise is ensuring that multiple stakeholders from multiple organisations are able to work to shared objectives successfully. For example, Christopher was chosen to serve within the UK Counter Terrorism, Security and Protection Secretariat linking the Police, Intelligence Agencies and Government formulating policy and responses to the ongoing terrorist threat. Here he contributed to the policy process and was responsible for ensuring that measures agreed were understood and enacted by all stakeholders. Whilst serving within the Secretariat he assisted table top and exercise planning into terrorist and incident management; participating in several exercises. Whilst within the unit Christopher was responsible for offering guidance and advice to companies targeted by extremist groups and where necessary coordinating assistance for them. 
His Major Event experience includes responsibility for the safe delivery of a National Basketball Association match in London and provided training, guidance and crisis management to an events company prior to and during the Champions League final in Milan, Italy, in 2016. Christopher was chosen to provide VIP protection and commercial security oversight for the All England Lawn Tennis Club during the Wimbledon Championships and was contracted by the British Olympic Association and British Paralympic Association as a security manager for the 2016 Games in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

Major Event Experience:
Olympic Games - Christopher has been part of the British Olympic and Paralympic security team for a number of years having deployed to Beijing and Vancouver to advise and oversee their security arrangements. He was chosen to be the embedded Police security advisor for both Team GB and Paralympic GB for the London 2012 games. He subsequently deployed to carry out the same role for the 2014 Winter Games.

He developed a command and control strategy which was used for many high profile events in the UK including G20 and NATO summits, The Royal Wedding, Afghan Summit and many others. He deployed as control room manager for the Glasgow Commonwealth Games ensuring that resources and contingencies for visiting dignitaries were in place and that they fitted within the Gold, Silver and Bronze command structure and that protection officers were cognisant of them. Christopher was part of the small team responsible for the recruitment and training of officers into the close protection command. Whilst within the training sphere Christopher developed an updated method of briefing colleagues and partners; successfully trialling it on a multi-agency high risk deployment. This method has been adopted subsequently by the department as well as one of the partner agencies. 

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professor dr. keith still, professor of crowd science, crowd risk analysis ltd

Professor Dr Keith Still is widely recognised as one of the world’s foremost experts in crowd dynamics and has worked as a consultant for G4S for more than ten years. Professor Dr Still is a practicing Professor of Crowd Science at Manchester Metropolitan University and specialises in teaching the principles and applications of Crowd Safety and Crowd Risk Analysis. Professor Dr Still was also the founder and Chief Technology Officer of Crowd Dynamics, an international consultancy advising on crowd safety during normal and emergency situations. His mathematical and behavioural modelling and simulation tools led to the development of a systematic blueprint now widely used by the crowd safety industry. He runs workshops around the world on the theory of crowd dynamics and how to apply it to real events. 

“Crowd dynamics and crowd management is developing all the time and the research we are conducting will have a direct benefit to those working in the industry... Similarly, those at the university can learn a lot from the practical experience of G4S, which has an excellent track record of high quality performance and innovation in managing major events.” Prof. Dr Keith Still.

Major Event Experience: 
He has over 25 years of experience consulting on major events (UK, USA, China, Australia, Saudi Arabia). Previous projects include the crowd management planning for the Royal Wedding (UK 2011), Olympic Park (Sydney 2000, Beijing 2008 and UK 2012), Manchester City (Etihad Stadium) development (2014) and Commonwealth Games (2014).

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Narinder dio msyi, director of cornerstone grg ltd

An experienced and innovative technical security consultant, Narinder has developed a reputation for overcoming the challenges that arise on large infrastructure projects and ensuring client requirements are met or exceeded, delivered on time and within budget.  Under Narinder, Cornerstone specialise in delivering multi-facetted, complex, security projects to a broad range of clients.  With more than twenty years’ experience Narinder has supported government and private sector clients around the world. Work has included developing risk commensurate solutions for data centres, banks, along with commercial and industrial sites with regards to Perimeter Protection, CCTV, Access Control, ANDR, Visitor Management, Intruder Detection Systems, Searching and Screening, Turnstiles and Security Management Systems. His global and multi-sector experience has given him an enviable depth of product knowledge on integrated security solutions.

Narinder is a qualified Electronic Systems Engineer. He is a Member of the Security Institute and his work has been recognised regularly by his peers for its excellence; he won the Security Consultant of the Year in 2011, 2013 and 2015 and the International Achievement Award in 2011 at the Security Excellence Awards.

“By collaborating with Cornerstone, we know that our customers are benefiting from the knowledge and expertise of award winning subject matter experts in the field of Secure by Design. They share our values and deliver solutions that complement our portfolio of services.” Marc Finch, Head of Security Risk Management, G4S Risk Consulting.

Major Event Experience: 
2012 Olympic Games - Narinder provided support to construction firms engaged in building the Olympic stadium on behalf of the Olympic Delivery Authority. He worked both client-side and in the delivery of many of the physical security systems and measures.  In particular, he provided advisory and support services for:

The outer perimeter fencing;
Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) measures; 
Searching and screening operations;
Construction Stage access control / biometrics;
Command and perimeter security system (CPSS);
Waterways security; and,
Radiological monitoring.

Central to his work was the provision of rapidly deployable access control systems and CCTV system to manage the thousands of permanent and temporary contractors working on the stadium.

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