JICA Nigeria: Bespoke Reporting

G4S Risk Consulting is providing bespoke reporting services to the Nigerian branch of the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA). The contract is for 12 months, covering weekly and monthly reporting on security developments and events in Nigeria and West Africa. 


JICA Nigeria has operations throughout Nigeria, including in conflict-affected north-eastern areas, where its personnel frequently travel. JICA Nigeria required reporting and analysis to aid their decision making and ensure its personnel are aware of the developing security and political context in-country.

G4S Risk Consulting produces weekly reports covering security incidents and developments in Nigeria on a regional level. This is compiled using the Global Intelligence System (GIS) and open source research. The weekly report is also amalgamated into a monthly summary, with additional analysis to place the month’s events into context and provide forecasting for the month ahead. G4S Risk Consulting also produces a West Africa Regional Review, covering security and political developments in Nigeria’s neighbouring centres, and potential impacts on JICA operations. 

Services provided include:

  • Weekly security and political review for Nigeria 
  • Monthly security and political review and outlook for Nigeria 
  • Monthly security and political review for West Africa 
JICA Nigeria is very pleased with G4S Risk Consulting's services. Both sides have held meetings (both in-person and online) to review progress and how best to continue to meet JICA’s requirements.