Security Design and Risk Management

Security Design and Risk Managment - Facility and High Value Goods Security



The Luxembourg Freeport (LFP) facility is located adjacent to the international airport in Luxembourg provides a secure, safe and efficient multi-service trading and storage platform for high value goods. The facility commenced operations in September 2014. 


The unique facility comprises several floors with differing layers of security. The main section is designed to screen vehicles carrying goods into the facility, and to secure and protect the goods for their respective clients.  The company asked G4S Risk Consulting to assist with advising on the design for securing the facility and its high value goods. 

Our Approach:

The sensitivity and complex nature of this task due to its high value goods and proximity to the international airport meant that our aviation security consultants needed to work closely with the most senior level clients to assess and design key aspects of their security operations and align them with the relevant national and EU regulations. 

We developed an extensive plan to address the full scope of security needs. The initial requirement included a security assessment needs analysis, vehicle and access control flow and measures, vehicle and person screening measures, VIP screening measures and cargo screening measures. 

After an initial review and discussions with the client, our task was expanded to deliver a full framework of security documentation, measures and advice.