Hinkley Point Case Study

G4S Risk Consulting has been providing security and risk consultant support to EDF Energy at its Hinkley Point C (HPC) site near Bridgwater in Somerset since January 2014.

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The development of the site involves the construction of 2 UK EPR reactor units and their associated buildings and plant. The new reactors are to be constructed over a period of approximately 7 years on a site adjacent to the two older Magnox Nuclear power stations built in the 1960s known as Hinkley Points A & B. The construction project marks a significant step forward in the renaissance of the UK’s nuclear power industry and will be the first in a new generation of nuclear power stations in the UK making a major contribution towards meeting the country’s future requirements for low carbon, affordable electricity. When operational, HPC is expected to provide approximately 6% of the UK’s electricity, sufficient for five million homes.


From an early juncture we have had a close relationship with the Security Management team at the development and have undertaken a number of security and risk based consultancy tasks designed to inform and shape the future security development of the project.

As well as the construction of the power station, the project covers various associated developments in the surrounding area. These include a number of freight logistic centres in the Bridgwater area, both on and off site accommodation campuses for construction workers,

Park and Ride facilities to transport workers by bus to the main development site, a site access ramp for Roll-on Roll-off delivery of shipping containers by sea, a temporary jetty and refurbished wharf with accompanying laydown area to allow the deliver as much heavy equipment and material to the site as possible by sea.

We have been engaged to deliver independent security consultant advice across all of the above projects including base-line risk assessments of the site to inform the future security and risk reduction strategy. Engagements have been diverse in nature and are ongoing. They have included research based projects for the introduction of emerging security technologies through to the delivery of enhanced security training  for site security staff.