Risk Reporting for International Sporting Body

G4S RC’s Intelligence Advisory Services (IAS) manages the global security risk for an international sporting body, which holds multiple high-profile events in around 20 countries each year, in addition to frequent staff travel.



The client utilises the Global Intelligence System (GIS), bespoke reporting for the specific events and a dedicated account manager, who can coordinate journey management tasks. 24/7 coordination is provided by a G4S central monitoring centre situated in London. 

G4S RC regional analysts also assist the client in gaining a deeper understanding of the local environment by providing ad-hoc assessments of upcoming or developing situations, tapping into in-country resources, including in Bangladesh, South Africa and India. This allows the client to make informed decisions in a timely manner. 

G4S RC produces detailed bespoke reports ahead of an event, focusing on the local security environment that could impact operations, taking into account personnel, accommodation, travel and stadia. The purpose of G4S RC’s reports is to provide a clear and impartial assessment of local environments. Vital information is often assisted by our access to local law enforcement officials and in-country teams.

Where appropriate, G4S RC can conduct on ground assessments to support our analysis, with a short-notice review undertaken in Pakistan in mid-2015 to inform the client of the authorities’ ability to safely and securely host the event in Lahore and Karachi. This information was fed into our desktop report, with actionable recommendations and advice, with informed decision making persuading the client to scale down its planned event to just one city in light of terrorism and civil unrest concerns. During the event, a number of security incidents took place in the city, but a recommended escalation in security provision prevented residual impact on the event itself. 

The most significant elements of this consultancy project are:

  • The provision of a detailed risk analysis of the region, country and local  security environments providing geopolitical intelligence on current threats and hazards compiled by our ground-based resources and risk analysts from G4S’s unique global footprint.
  • The production of detailed reports based on a busy event schedule, offering prioritised recommendations in sometimes high-risk environments. 
  • G4S Risk Consulting has an enviable record of providing trusted advice and decision making support to help clients succeed in the shared pursuit of improved safe and secure operations.

Testimonial from the client:

“We have subscribed to GIS + services since 2009, receiving bespoke reports focused on our countries of operations and interests in sports-related security. This reporting keeps us on top of current and planned future incidents that impact the security and business continuity of our operations and staff.

The GIS team has adapted its product offering to fit our changing security needs and the analyst team has proven responsive to our enquiries throughout the commercial relationship. This responsiveness, high-quality analysis and strong understanding of our company's needs have helped in making GIS + services an integral part of our organisational risk management practices and ensured we can provide a secure environment for our events.”


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