Rugby World Cup 2015

Rugby World Cup 2015



In October 2013, following our participation in a robust competitive tender process G4S Risk Consulting (RC) was successful in being awarded the contract to provide Security Consultant Services for the England 2015 Rugby World Cup. The Rugby Football Union (RFU) won the bid to host the Rugby World Cup in England and established the entity England Rugby 2015 (ER2015) to manage and organise the Tournament. The Rugby World Cup is the world’s 3rd biggest sporting event.

Our proposed approach to this project centred around effects-based planning, employing structured risk assessment methodologies, including a Comparative Risk Assessment Model (CRAM). This was designed to ensure that ER 2015 benefited from the very best practises in security risk management.   Our consultants were able to bring considerable experience and expertise gained from a wide range of environment and operating sectors. Our consulting record in the Sporting and Events domains is unmatched. A key requirement of this project was liaison and collaboration to ensure stakeholder buy-in to proposed strategies from the various venue and stadia management teams supporting the Tournament. 

The most significant elements of the consultancy project were:

  • The development of tools and templates including a fit for purpose CRAM model which could be used to provide a uniform, consistent approach to risk assessment across the competition and non-competition venues for the Tournament.
  • Comprehensive risk assessments and security planning considerations for 13 competition venues including Twickenham, Wembley and The Millennium Stadium. This was delivered through the production of detailed reports with photographs and prioritised recommendations.
  • Security and Vulnerability Assessment (SVA) of the 41 team bases. The 20 competing teams were to reside and train in nominated Team Base locations. These included hotels, outdoor training grounds, gymnasiums and indoor training facilities and swimming pool facilities. These 41 Team base locations were spread from Northumbria in the North to Brighton in the south.

Our commitment to ER2015 was successful and enduring and continued up to and throughout the period of Tournament. This included the provision of a dedicated consultant who worked closely with the Tournament Management team at Twickenham. Following the completion of the Competition Venue and Team Base Risk Assessments work continued on the development of security plans and the formulation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). This and numerous other security planning tasks were undertaken including providing assistance to local councils preparing to host non-ticket event live sites in public spaces where games were screened on large screen TVs.