Emergency Response Training

Emergency Response Training



In May 2014 a Global Leader in oil & gas approached G4S Specialist Training to conduct an training needs assessment. 


The client was concerned that their workforce lacked the necessary skills to operate within a high risk environment within their oil & gas operations.

Our Approach:

After a detailed assessment of the client’s requirements a training program was drawn up. The aim of the program was to train up to 25 delegates per batch and two courses per year in Combined Industrial Emergency Response Training IERT relating to Fire incidents in the Oil and Gas sector and Hostile Environment Awareness Training HEAT.

The programme consists of five days HEAT training and two days IER training, combining skills sets and knowledge to operate in the oil & gas sector in hostile and fragile environments.

The IERT phase of the course was delivered at the Fire Service Training College, UK, where subject matter experts delivered a comprehensive programme of fire safety and awareness. They concentrated on developing the delegates understanding of the science and behaviour of fire in the oil and gas environment. Demonstrations illustrated the destructive power of fire especially in potentially lethal back draft and flashover situations. Delegates were taught the importance of immediate actions to be taken on the discovery of a fire and the appropriate equipment to be utilised to contain it and supervised live fire-fighting exercises. Finally there was the opportunity to practice all of the skills learnt in a culmination exercise which immersed the delegates in a dynamic emergency situation where it was necessary to deal with an escalating emergency situation, including management of casualties and containment of an oil based fire.

Benefits to the Client: 

The program has been extended due to its success and the client has reported that they have reduced their number of incidents on previous years prior to the introduction of the training program.