Travel Risk Management

An international consulting firm won a long-term contract in a new market in the Middle East.



An international consulting firm won a long-term contract in a new market in the Middle East. The UK-based headquarters (HQ) needed an efficient way to monitor security threats to its expatriates who would be relocating to the country. The HQ also required a local crisis management plan, pre-deployment training for its expatriates and an efficient way to locate and communicate with their expatriates in an emergency. The solution had to be easy to use and scalable so it could accommodate new staff as the contract ramped up.


  • Bespoke two-day pre-departure training programme combining practical and classroom-based                     interactive learning
  • Real-time warning communication and tracking system, including:
  • Smartphone application for all expatriates with:
  • Real-time alerts and warnings by 24/7 analysts
  • SOS function with:
  • numbers for location emergency services (automated)
  • numbers for in-country project manager and UK-based security manager (customised)
  • Country profile customised with local project information, such as details of approved taxi company,           insurance provider, client sites
  • Management portal with:
  • Automated ‘employee at risk’ SMS for corporate security team 
  • Automated SMS notification in case of employee SOS use
  • Secure, direct communications with employees
  • Easy app user management and customisation of country profiles
  • Crisis management plan with clear escalation procedures back into the company HQ and local G4S             team



  • Expatriates equipped with knowledge and skills to safely undertake project in challenging environment
  • Real-time alerts, security advice and project information always to hand for expatriates
  • One-click access to local emergency response providers for expatriates
  • UK corporate security notified in real-time of threats to expatriates and able to communicate and               locate employees quickly and easily
  • Peace of mind for expatriates and their families

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